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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The power of the internet

Wow. The readership of this blog has suddenly doubled, ever since I posted on Twitter that we were looking for authors for a fun new middle-grade project. So, hi, new readers--please stick around, add us to your feed-readers, comment away, make suggestions, whatever.

After I twittered that we needed some new authors, the SAB Twitter account suddenly got about 50 new followers. It's been fun discovering these people--writers, mostly. And my email and the Stone Arch Books submissions email have been inundated with messages from writers looking for work. So much so that I haven't even gotten through all of them yet! (So if you sent something and haven't heard from me, don't despair!)

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about submissions to Stone Arch. We have submission info on our website, but based on the amount of snail mail and full manuscripts we receive, I think some people aren't even aware that information is there.

So, here's a quick and dirty guide to submitting to Stone Arch/Picture Window.

* Don't send full manuscripts. Right now (and I'll let you know if this changes) we rarely purchase unsolicited manuscripts unless they are part of a completed 4- or 6-book series. In that case, send only the first few chapters of one manuscript.

* Have a desire to work for hire. That means we'll hire you to create a manuscript based on our specs. You'll need to be flexible, fast, professional, and creative, and in return, we'll be fun to work with; together we'll create great books.

* Send a writing sample. It should be fiction, and you should know what reader it will appeal to -- kindergarten kids? Middle-schoolers? Do your research.

* Email your submission to author.sub@stonearchbooks.com unless otherwise directed. I prefer samples that are pasted into the email, since it's easier for printing. (Please note that if you have already sent a submission, no need to resend.)

* Know that we only guarantee that we'll respond to samples that are right for us, unless they've been specifically requested by an editor or are sent by an agent. We get so many submissions that it's impossible to respond to each one.

I hope that gives insight into what we need. If you have a question, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond ASAP!


Samantha said...

Thank you for giving us more details!

My first question is about the writing sample-- how much should we send? A chapter? Three? Or would it be better to put together a package with a few different works to demonstrate writing range?

Another question: are unpublished writers welcome to submit, or are you more interested in already published authors? I'm very interested in this opportunity, but I'm afraid my resume is thus far short of writing credits.

Thanks for your time!

Beth Brezenoff, Assistant Editorial Director said...

Hi Samantha!

Don't overthink it. If you're comfortable writing in a few different styles, then do feel free to include multiple samples. If, like most writers, you're strongest in one area, just send that. And I don't think much more than a few hundred words is necessary.

And we love unpublished writers. No worries there!

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
I've one question - will you at least post either here or Twitter or wherever you see most fit, when you finish hiring for those who may not get the job, but would like to know when the hiring process is officially over?

Beth Brezenoff, Assistant Editorial Director said...

Hi Anonymous--

We'll be looking for authors on an as-needed basis, so the hiring process won't ever really be over. If you don't work for us now, we'll keep you on file for consideration for future projects. This is less a call for a specific project and more a call for authors for all of our imprints and needs. Hope that makes sense, and let me know if you have more questions!


Anonymous said...

That makes sense :) Thanks for the clarification, Beth!

B. Ireland said...

I have a question. What type of writing sample can we send? Early Reader, Picture Book, Early Chapter, MG Chapter, or YA Chapter? I have an interest in the Early Reader market? Are you needing WFH authors in that area?

Veronica V. Jones said...

Do you have any info to share about illustration submissions? What are you looking for and how best do you want to see it? I'm an illustrator who is comfortable doing many styles but I've been frequently told to just present one.

Thanks so much for your time!

Beth Brezenoff, Assistant Editorial Director said...

Hi Veronica--please check out our illustration submissions here: http://www.capstonepub.com/content/CONTACTUS_SUBMISSIONS

Hi Bobbi--we'll look at any type of samples.

Karen Casale said...

Hi Beth,

Under your submission guidelines on the website, you like to see a resume with your writing sample. Should I still follow these guidelines when submitting a writing sample to the email address in this post?


Stone Arch Books: Library Bound said...

Hi Karen -- a resume never hurts. Thanks!

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