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Monday, November 3, 2008

We Know Jake Maddox!

Last Wednesday, we were calmly perusing the blogosphere when a familiar name caught our eye. "Do you know Jake Maddox?" the blog post's headline asked. Of course we know Jake Maddox, the figurehead of our wildly popular series of sports and adventure chapter books! Upon reading further, we found that Tennessee librarian Diane Chen had a lot of great things to say about good ol' Jake. We already knew that librarians loved the Jake Maddox books, and we've gotten multiple letters from kids who love them too--but it's always nice to hear it again, and it's even nicer that someone felt strongly enough about our books to tell the whole Internet. Thanks, Diane!

(And we're glad to oblige: we've got 12 new Jake Maddox books headed to libraries in December, bringing the series total to 46. As always, we'll let our blog readers be the first to know when they're available!)