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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading

Growing up, summer reading could sometimes seem like a pain (well, not to me, but then I was an admitted reading geek). But I know plenty of classmates who grumbled about having "homework" over the summer when there were so many other fun things to do.

Now that I'm an adult, though, summer reading seems like the definition of fun! It would be such a luxury to sit down for some uninterrupted reading time without worrying about how many other things I should be doing. For me, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a good book in the sunroom or backyard (bonus points if you get to relax and read in or near a body of water!). Since summer finally seems to be underway, it's time to take advantage of your own summer reading list. Whether you're re-reading an old favorite or finally digging into that new novel you've been putting off, we want to know: what are you reading this summer?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy National Pink Day!

Today is a very important day. It is a day to celebrate the color pink. (Ok, maybe it's not that important, but it is fun.) I have a soft spot for pink, and I always will. I grew up in a girly household and now have two girls of my own, so I have no problem celebrating the beauty of pink (As you can see by the picture of my oldest daughter's bedroom. Yes, it's really that bright.) So today of all days, take a moment and embrace the power of pink.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day to Our Favorite Dads

My dad is one of the most avid readers I know, but I rarely saw him read more than the newspaper and an occasional magazine while growing up. Now that I'm grown, I realize that long work days at his auto body shop left little time to relax with a novel.

Once he retired, it became clear that he loved a good book. He'll read mysteries, biographies, historical fiction, military histories, and even romance novels. As long as the story is juicy, he doesn't care if he was the intended audience. Best of all, his post-retirement passion made it a lot easier for his nine kids to shop for him. There is a good chance his to-read list will be full after Sunday.

Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere, including our own Captone Fiction fathers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Myth-O-Mania trailer

We're bringing Kate McMullan's Myth-O-Mania series back into print this fall, and I've been lucky enough to spend the past season working on this cool, funny series. The books, which are told from Hades's perspective, provide a fresh look at famous Greek myths like Medusa, Hercules, Theseus, Cupid (and several more!). Think you know the real story behind the Greek myths? Think again! Here's the book trailer to give you a sneak peak at Hades's retellings:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday!

Here are some sketches of a character that will appear in one of our upcoming books. Isn't he cute? That's all I will say for now, but keep on the lookout for this little guy! This wonderful character is coming alive thanks to our great illustrator, Jennifer Bell.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank a Teacher

My mom is a kindergarten teacher. My dad taught 6th grade. My sister Gina is a kindergarten teacher. My sister Paulette is an EBD teacher. (Believe me, my list could go on and on and on—starting with my grandparents on both sides of the family.)

With the school year coming to an end, it's time to give a teacher an extra "thank you" for his/her hard work. It doesn't have to be a present (though who doesn't like a gift card to Target or Barnes & Noble?). Sometimes a nice thank-you note is all that is needed to let a teacher know you appreciate the work they do.

As my 4-year-old daughter recently told me at her preschool graduation (shown in picture with her teacher), "Mom, I want to do what you do when I grow up. Being a teacher is too much work." So be sure to thank a teacher!

Friday, June 3, 2011

World Environment Day: Reflections from an Awakened Homeowner

Sunday is World Environment Day (WED), the most widely celebrated day for positive environmental action. We are all well aware of the climate crisis facing our environment, yet we often ignore our most vulnerable piece of real estate—planet earth. So in the great cosmic arena of time and place, let us settle today to pause and reflect on our small, blue planet earth—the only home we’ve ever known.

Together we can use our shared knowledge to mitigate the environmental devastation caused by human actions and to cultivate a better world for our children. We do this everyday, as parents, as teachers, and as friends and neighbors of a larger global community. The rapid exchange of knowledge through books and other media, continues to flourish. Let us use this great and uniquely human endeavor to awaken the human spirit and to share the know-how in the building of a better home. Because here on earth, we are all homeowners.

"We are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Russell Griesmer, Designer

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June is Great Outdoors Month

Happy Great Outdoors Month! Here at Capstone Fiction, we have a fair amount of camping fans. I am not included in this lot. It isn't really my fault. I blame a naughty raccoon.

The last time I went camping was the first time my husband and I took our two young children with us — four years ago. I quickly found out that camping with kids isn't quite the same as two capable adults on their own. The mark of a great campsite changes from how wooded and private it feels to how close it is to the bathroom. Feeding a family is harder over an open fire. And kids don't quite sleep as well in a tent as their own beds.

Those things I could deal with. But one thing I could not deal with is a raccoon breaking into our tent. Yep, I was face to face with a young woodland friend right in our tent. The critter was quite content until my husband started lecturing it. Then it popped out as quickly as it had popped in. So can you blame me for abandoning camping as a great family getaway?

Here is where that naughty raccoon got in. Side note: We borrowed this tent. Sigh.

So how will I honor Great Outdoors Month this year? I might go on a few hikes, maybe hit the lake on a hot day. And my favorite . . . sit out on my safe patio and read great books about other people enjoying the outdoors.