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Thursday, July 3, 2008

ALA Report

What a fun and exhausting weekend we had in Anaheim, meeting up with old and new friends to discuss future plans for Stone Arch Books. As busy as it was, the real buzz was in our booth! Of course the fact that we have safe graphic novels continues to draw attention. A well-known graphic novel illustrator told us that his son searches for our “Safe Graphic Novel” symbol to find graphic novels that are as cool as the books Dad creates and wholly accessible for younger readers. Maybe someday Dad will illustrate a graphic novel for SAB!

Another hot topic in our booth was our new We Are Heroes series. Everyone wants to show kids how to be active in their communities and be good citizens. These books show how kids can get involved. Several librarians were especially happy to see that all the proceeds from our book Kids Against Hunger are going to the Kids Against Hunger organization. We’re excited that educators can use our books to show kids that they can influence their communities and at the same time, the proceeds will directly benefit an admirable community activity.

Watch for photos of our Newbery Dinner table, coming next week!

--Maryellen Gregoire
Director of Product Planning and Public Relations, Stone Arch Books

1 comment:

Nicole L. said...

Hi Ms. Gregoire!

5 years later, looks like you've been up to some pretty exciting stuff - I love what you're doing!! :) Kids Against Hunger is one of my favorite organizations to work with, I'm just so happy that you guys have found a way to combine 2 great things!

Hope to talk to you soon :)