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Friday, July 17, 2009

Tiger Moth On the Air

This morning I was half listening to an NPR news article about moths outwitting bats. All of a sudden, my nephew Matt who is visiting from Wyoming said, “They’re talking about one of your books!”

Actually, the announcer was talking about Bertholdia trigiona, the tiger moth. The creature can confuse a chirping bat by creating its own mothy (mothish? mothesque?) rattles that interfere with the hunting bat’s echolocation. My nephew thought he was hearing about Tiger Moth, a costumed superhero created by author Aaron Reynolds for one of our Graphic Sparks series. Tiger Moth is an insect ninja who, with the estimable aid of his pillbug sidekick, Kung Pow, fights against the baddies of the bug world. Tiger also narrates his books in a funny, noir style, introducing young readers to mysteries, bugs, and a clever, cool vocabulary.

I thought it was great that my nephew made such a quick connection between what he had heard on the radio to one of the books he had read. It pays to have lots of fun books lying around for your relatives to pick up and enjoy.

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