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Friday, October 9, 2009

Katie Woo poster giveaway!

When I first read author Fran Manushkin’s manuscripts for our Katie Woo series, I felt like I knew Katie. In fact, I felt like I was raising her! (Only my Katie is named Sky and doesn’t wear glasses.)

Fran has a wonderful understanding of children and how they think and react to situations. I think that is why Katie is so likeable. You feel like you know her, because she is just like the sweet, funny girl in your class, or down the street, or at your kitchen table. She loves clothes and her friends and spaghetti. Sure, she gets in trouble once in a while, but she always makes you laugh.

To celebrate Katie, we have a fabulous new poster — and we are giving four away! Be one of the first four readers to leave a comment and one will be sent your way.

Julie, senior editor at Capstone Fiction


J Denman said...

Katie Woo has to be the cutest new kid around. Everyone that sees these books wants them for their library!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Katie sounds like a lovable character. I wish Fran the best. The bookmark is adorable.

Katie Woo said...

I adore Katie Woo (and not only because we share a name). The stories and illustrations are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have one of your posters for our classroom. Thanks!

Beth Brezenoff, Senior Editor said...

J, Sharon, Katie, and Amy, please send your mailing addresses to author.sub@stonearchbooks.com, and I'll send a Katie poster to you!


Sharon Mayhew said...

Thanks so much!