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Friday, December 11, 2009

Stone Arch Gift Guide, part 2!

If yesterday's post didn't give you enough ideas, here are even more! This time, our design department weighs in with their top picks for gift-giving.

I would recommend any of the Storybook Classics-elegant, coffee table like books with unique illustrations. Perfect for reading aloud around the fire on a cold winter night. If I had to pick just one from the set it would be Snow White.
— Emily, designer

I ordered the Truck Buddies level 1 readers for my nephew Boone (3 1/2). He LOVES trucks! I know that he will develop a love for reading with this series!! I ordered Princess Candy Sugar Hero for my 7-year-old niece, knowing she will love the the princess character (what girl doesn’t love princesses?). This will be a nice way to expose her to the graphic novel format and how exciting and visual reading can be. Not to mention this will be a nice girl super hero role model for her!! I also ordered her a Claudia Cristina Cortez book (Dance Trap) knowing that she is a good reader. I'm anticipating her getting hooked on Claudia and begging for more. And finally, I ordered each of my 3-year-old nieces a Storybook Classic (Goldilocks & The Three Little Pigs). I think they will love these beautiful fairytales & gorgeous pictures. These will be nice read-alouds for the parents to read to them, plus a nice way to develop a love for reading at a young age. I still remember my parents reading these same stories to me.
— Heather, creative director

I would give a copy of The Incredible Rockhead, because I think it’s a perfect introduction to children’s graphic novels and the superhero genre in general. Not only does the design and illustration pay homage to superhero comics of yore, but the storyline has been expertly crafted by our brilliant editorial staff. There’s lots of humor, puns, action, crazy characters – everything you’d ever want in a comic book for this age group (and beyond). Plus, three more titles are on the way to round out the Rockhead saga...a “gift that keeps on giving,” so to speak.
— Bob, art director

For all the little girls out there are staring to get into reading their first books, I would recommend Katie Woo. They are fun and fast reads that girls are going to love. For the tweens in the family, I think the Claudia Cristina Cortez books are super fun. (Look for the Claudia advice books in January!) I'm going to give Finn Reeder: Flu Fighter to my daughter Victoria. It’s the first book I designed and illustrated, so it means a lot to me. I never thought I would have been able to do something like it. I know my daughter is going to adore that book, not only because her mom made it, but because the story is hilarious, one of the best books I’ve ever worked on. So much fun to put together in such a short time.
— Kay, art director

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