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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Field Trips! Mysteries! Prizes!

Wasn't the best day at school whatever day had a field trip scheduled? Yes. It was. And wouldn't the best field trip have been one wherein you and your gang of scrappy best friends solved a mystery? Wouldn't it???

I remember my field trips mostly for the bus rides. When I first started concepting the Field Trip Mysteries series a couple of years ago, I asked a friend who's a middle-school English teacher if I could go on one of her school's field trips. We saw an IMAX movie on the ocean, and I remember the 3-D made someone feel sick. But mostly I remember that the bus smelled exactly like I remember field trips smelling back in the last century when I was a girl.

Did you know that October is Field Trip Month? And it's also Mystery Month? Isn't that perfect for October? It does feel like field trips and mysteries.

Tell me something about how you're spending your October by next Friday (the 15th) and I'll pick a winner at random to receive a copy of the Field Trip Mysteries special limited edition (four stories in one gorgeous book!), On the Bus, On the Case.

Happy October!

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm spending a good portion of my October recovering from the summer...Our basment flooded (TWICE) and made a huge mess. The damage has all been repaired and cleaned up, but we're busy building storage, so that nothing sits on the floor in the storage room. The rest of our free time will be spent riding our Harley-- enjoying the changing colors and the smells of Fall and going to football games. Fall doesn't last long up here, so we have to enjoy the great weather while we have it. :)