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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Almost Fall!

A photo from one my last trips of the summer. A perfect sunset, don't you think?

While it's still technically summer, the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler. Kids are back in school and the lazy days of summer seem to already be long behind us. It's getting to be the perfect weather for a cozy cardigan, a mug full of hot chocolate, and a good book. Here are a few appropriate titles as we transition into the next season and say our last goodbyes to summer.

A beautifully illustrated book about the joys of fall, and the perfect introduction to the concept of seasons.

Whenever I think of fall, apples are one of the first things that comes to mind. This graphic novel tells the story of Johnny Appleseed in a new and interesting way.

In Katie Woo's world, jumping into a pile of leaves is part of a perfect day. Learn about the other things that make Katie really happy in this sweet little book.

An easy- to-read graphic novel that has a nice lesson about how to deal with a difficult classmate.

Max and Zoe are at it again! In this story Max's desk is so messy he can't find a thing, and he may have to miss recess. What will he do?!

Happy Fall and Happy Reading!

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