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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New catalog available

Our new Spring 2008 catalog is now in mailboxes and on desks all over the country. Receiving the newest catalog is always a moment of pride for the staff. We always comment that there’s no one moment to stop and look back on a recently completed season—once we’ve finished one season, we’re already well into our next one. Receiving the new catalog is a great way for us to take a minute and look back on a season of hard work on great books. Additionally, the catalog is a group effort. Though there’s one designer and one project manager, everyone ends up being involved in some way, whether it’s providing copy, proofing the order forms, or photographing interior spreads.

We’re really proud of our Spring ‘08 list. We’ve got old favorites, like new sports books from Jake Maddox, new David Mortimore Baxter, a fresh set of Graphic Revolve retellings, and a new book in the Eek and Ack series. There’s plenty of new stuff, too: some Jake Maddox books featuring girl athletes; a cool new series, The Adventures of Sam X, in our Pathway set; and in our Keystone set, six hi-low novels for girls. You can browse all of our books or request a catalog of your own at www.stonearchbooks.com.

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