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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girl (Super) Power!

Recently, Newsweek and the Guardian featured articles on the surge of women and girls in comics, both as creators and as readers. At Stone Arch Books, we’ve already started supporting this fast-growing trend. In fact, the Guardian included an interview with Stone Arch author Trina Robbins.

Robbins has written for Wonder Woman and Powerpuff Girls comics, Scholastic, Marvel, and Disney. She has translated Japanese manga into English, and has written award-winning books on comics for girls and superheroines. Her book, The Great Women Cartoonists, was named one of the top ten books on comics in 2001 by Time Magazine. In the Guardian article, Robbins expresses her excitement for the surge, stating, “There are more women creating comics than ever before. I hope it'll get even better.”

Stone Arch would like to see this happen as well. That’s why this season we’re offering even more graphic novels created by female writers and illustrators, which feature even more female protagonists.

Robbins’s newest graphic novel for Stone Arch, Freedom Songs: A Tale of the Underground Railroad, follows a 14-year-old girl named Sarah during her grueling journey out of slavery. The book is sure to satisfy any girl’s (or boy’s) appetite for comics and will be a welcomed addition to every Black History Month reading list.

Check out our website for other graphic novels your girl readers will love.

--Donnie Lemke
Editor, Stone Arch Books

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