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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A love letter

Today we're sharing a love letter to Stone Arch Books that we recently received. Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Stone Arch Books,

I never imagined that I would be writing a love letter to a publisher of books, but then again I never could have imagined books as wonderful as yours!

We love your books! When I first spied the titles in your catalog I was fascinated and when the books arrived I was thrilled. It was like opening a special gift for my students. The most startling thing happened is when the books hit the shelves…. They magically disappeared… every copy flew as if enchanted into the hands of all the kids in our school.

The teachers soon started asking about the newest treasures (your books) their students were hooked on. I explained that not only are your books Character Counts, and AR books but they were very COOL! Everyone is excited about the creative graphics and fonts used in your books. The storylines and subjects are just perfect!!!!!

In addition to all of those incentives to read the books there was also the extra added features at the end of every volume. There is kid friendly information about the authors, an easy to read glossary of terms used in the book, the kids really get excited about the internet sites mentioned.

Teachers just love, and use the discussion questions and writing prompts that are included on the final pages too!

I contacted our school character counts committee and gave them their very own catalog. I bought as many sets as we could afford and your books are first on our wish lists for next year. They are also FIRST in the hearts of our kids!!

Keep up the good work and we will keep on ordering as many books as we can.

Thank you so much

Cindy Price
Show Low Primary School Library
Show Low Arizona

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