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Monday, September 13, 2010

What's New from Picture Window

Happy Fall!

Here in Minnesota, the leaves are JUST beginning to change, and school buses are making their daily trips around the neighborhood. Fresh apples line the tables at the farmers' market, days are getting shorter, and mornings are cool. And the final sign of fall? New books from Capstone Fiction. This week, I'll be highlighting the newest books on our shelves, available now!

Today's new books are all from our Picture Window Books imprint. When we're choosing books for Picture Window, we think bright, wholesome, and fun—the very best of childhood.

We're so excited about introducing Little Boost—adorable picture books that kids will love, about new experiences and common preK troubles. (Roger from Crabby Pants is a personal favorite.) Check out our book trailer for more about all four books!

We're also debuting another new series of picture books, Monster Street. These books turn idioms into hilarious stories, full of bright, gorgeous, interesting art by Migy.

Introduce young readers to classic tales with My First Classic Story, a new set of fourteen (with more to come!) bright and colorful books in a kid-friendly size.

And last but not least of our brand-new series, MICHAEL DAHL PRESENTS SUPER FUNNY JOKE BOOKS. Here's a great one from Screaming with Laughter:

Why didn't the monster eat the comedian?
Because he tasted funny.

Everyone's favorite spectacled and sassy little girl, Katie Woo, is back! This time, she's celebrating different holidays with her family and friends.

Stay tuned this week for more of the season's best from Capstone Fiction. Happy Monday!

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