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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's New in Novels from Stone Arch Books

Good morning! Today is feeling even more autumnal than Monday—cold, gray, and rainy. Let's brighten things up with another rundown of what's new from Capstone Fiction!

Today, I'll talk about some of the new novels from Stone Arch Books available now for the Fall 10 season.

First off, I am so excited to introduce Monica! This series is a spin-off of our very popular The Complicated Life of Claudia Cristina Cortez. Monica is Claudia's best friend, but in this series she comes out from behind her friend's shadow. While the Claudia books are peppered with whimsical margin art, the Monica series uses text messages throughout to help tell the story. Young teenage girls are going to love this series. (You, faithful reader, may remember that I've talked about the cover shoot and editing the series in previous entries!)

The Librarian is back, and this time with longer stories, a new sidekick, creepier covers, and gorgeous art. Our Hero, the watcher of the Library of Doom, and his compatriot, the Specialist, battle evildoers who would release the world's most dangerous books. Check out our book trailer!

We have three new series in our Stone Arch Readers program this season. In Level 1, Little Lizard has a party, hangs out with his family, enjoys his first day of school, and gets a new bike. In Level 2, the members of the Pet Club have a ton of fun with their fish, dog, cat, and rat. And in Level 3, Buzz Beaker (from our popular graphic novel series) is back with new inventions.

Older readers will adore Annie, the main character in the Ridgeview Riding Club series, and will want to read all eight books. This season, we've added four more.

School Library Journal
called The Graffiti Mystery "an excellent, lighthearted, and enjoyable read with many humorous situations and clever crime-solving tactics." Now Damian Drooth has more cases to crack!

If you've got mystery lovers in your library, Stone Arch is your new best friend. We've added four more books to our bestselling Field Trip Mysteries series. This time, Cat, Gum, Sam, and Egg are on field trips to four exciting cities in the United States: New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and New Orleans.

And one more super sleuth to round things out: Klooz, everyone's favorite kid detective, solves two more crimes in record time.

Finally, it wouldn't be a season round-up of Capstone Fiction novels without more sports stories from Jake Maddox. This season, we see the Wildcats football team through the eyes of four different players on the team. Each guy has his own challenges and victories, but they all have to learn teamwork if the Wildcats really want to win.

Whew! That was a big list. Next time, new graphic novels and licensed books (we'll see if I can fit it all in one post!)

Enjoy your Wednesday. More soon!

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