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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dental Geeks are not Freaks

It's dental health month, and I’ll admit it—I’m a huge geek when it comes to dental health. I have to blame my dad for this, as he used to make me and my sisters line up every morning and every night to brush our teeth and do the fluoride rinse. I still feel too guilty to ever skip brushing. However, these good habits have stuck with me for life, and now I’m passing them on to my kids.

As soon as I saw their first little tooth poke through, the brushing began. We use the timer, we sing brushing songs, and we read books about teeth. Our favorite books about teeth are Pony Brushes His Teeth by Michael Dahl and Katie Woo: The Tricky Tooth by Fran Manushkin. (I’m obviously a little biased, but they really are cute books.)

Yes, I'm a proud dental geek, and I will celebrate extra this month!

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