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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can There Ever Be Enough?

March Madness has finally ended (in April, which is very confusing), baseball is in full swing (Twins home opener is on Friday, and I will be there!), and summer league slow-pitch softball for men is right around the corner (don't even ask). Sports are a big part of my life. In fact, every two years my life is consumed with the Olympics. (My obsession borders on crazy.)

Coincidentally, sports are also a big part of children's book publishing. Every season we do at least two series about sports (Jake Maddox, anyone?), and I doubt that will change any time soon. From My First Graphic Novel sports stories to Sports Illustrated chapter books, we have a great range of topics for every age group. Because really, can we ever have enough sports books?


Craig Phillips said...

I say you can never have too many graphic novels!!
I must admit I am not into sports in general, although I surf almost every morning and am a snowboarding junkie!

A graphic novel about misadventures in the mountains or traveling the oceans in search of waves would be very cool!

By the way I love the Victory Vault cover.

Jordan Studio said...

Dear Mrs. Christianne. I really love the covers and the style.I'm an illustrator from Barcelona and I've took the liberty of write to you to author.sub@stonearchbooks.com
I don't know if my letter arrived to you but I would be delighted to talk about children books and about a lot of things with you.
Excuse my daring but I really like the productions that Stone Arch Books produces.

Muchos saludos from Barcelona!