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Friday, February 10, 2012

February Is Holiday Heavy

You always remember Valentine's Day, but what about the 100th day of school, President's Day, and Groundhog Day? (I'll be honest —none of these seem that important until you have a child in school. Then every other day you have a letter about bringing something in for another event).

On top of all these special "holidays", it's I love to read month. (Seriously February, way to hog all the events.) My daughter has been talking about DEAR (drop everything and read ) time at school. Although she is a little crabbier since DEAR takes the place of rest/quiet time, I still think it's a great idea.

So even though this holiday heavy month might be tough on parents of school-aged kids (especially since these holidays don't come with any time off), do your best to enjoy each one and encourage more reading.

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