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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Comix!

Get ready, folks... For all you fanboys, fangirls, and fanfortysomethings out there, Wednesday is our new Friday. Starting today, and continuing throughout this blockbuster of a summer, Library Bound is going mid-week GEEK!! That’s right. As comic book characters (like the Avengers, the Dark Knight, and Spider-Man) break box-office records, we’ll break down our own season of superheroes!

Event updates (San Diego Comic Con!)
Sneak previews
Creator interviews
Insider insight
Featured reviews

And, of course, CAPSTONE COMIX!! First up... A Quick Comic featuring the Incredible Rockhead, the stone-faced hero of our newest 128-page graphic novel, The Incredible Rockhead: Rock, Paper, Scissorlegz! 

More on everything in the weeks to come, but for now...TGIW!

Donnie Lemke, Managing Editor

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