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Monday, July 30, 2012

Story Time Rebel

When you work in publishing, like both my husband and I do, your children get significant exposure to books and reading. Bedtime stories are a part of the bedtime routine from the moment you start a bedtime routine. Your children enjoy cuddling in with you, and make sweet comments about the art. They understand from an early age, that reading is a quiet, intimate activity. You know that this doesn't necessarily mean they will love reading as much as you do, but it never occurs to you that your child will become a story time rebel.

The story time rebel. You know the type. The child who can't sit nicely on the rug, but must instead jump from spot to spot. The child who likes to make animal noises to go along with the picture. Or, when particularly engaged and excited, the child who is inclined to run up and comment on every spread of the book. Every single one.

As a parent of the rebel, you find yourself apologizing to others. You try to make deals with the rebel: sit nicely tonight and you'll get two Tic Tacs at home. You might try threats: If you can't listen nicely, we'll just go home. (This one doesn't work because you enjoy being at story time just as much as she does, and you don't want to leave before the project.) But finally, you just try to convince yourself that there are worse things than a three-year-old who is having a one-girl party over the thrill of the library and books and reading. And secretly, deep down inside, you love the chaos she creates.

The rebel shows off one of her story time projects. 

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