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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Good afternoon, blog readers!

I'm pretty sure everyone loves a freebie, right? I mean, when you go to conferences for work, don't you end up with about sixteen tote bags stuffed with promotional paper clips and all manner of other swag? (I know that's not just me.)

But there's nothing better than a freebie that's actually cool and/or useful. Such as an amazing poster. That's why, if you're one of the first three people* to comment on this post, you win this awesome, hot-off-the-presses, 24" x 36" poster, suitable for use in the home, library, cubicle, etc., and featuring those lovable Field Trip Mysteries kids (and a bunch of other stars of SAB's mystery books). No strings attached. Click and comment away!

* Please be in the US or Canada. Mom, you can't win. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yay! I would love to win a poster for our classroom!


Beth Brezenoff, Senior Editor said...

You got it, Amy! Can you email author.sub@stonearchbooks.com with your mailing address? THANKS! :)

Luke said...

I would love a poster to give to one of my teacher friends! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool - I could put it to good use!


Lori Calabrese said...

What an awesome poster and what a great giveaway! I'd love to pass this onto my library! Thanks for everything you guys do!

All the best,


Is there room for one more?

Lovely poster and I'd love to be a winner.

-Pamela Ross, hates to ask for freebies but (insert The G-dfather Voice here:) you made us an offer I can't refuse

reg said...

The poster will look GREAT in my library. I've got bunches of Stone Arch books on my wish list for this year. Would be great to be able to promote them this way.

Beth Brezenoff, Senior Editor said...

Luke, Carla, Reg, Lori, and Pamela, please email author.sub@stonearchbooks.com with a mailing address! (Since I moderate comments to avoid spam, I didn't see these until this morning--my mistake is everyone's gain! Posters for all of you.)