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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiger Moth, Lego ninja?

Check out this awesome rendition of Tiger Moth that Donnie sent me last week.

This 24-inch-tall Lego version, created by John and Dave Xandegar, will be touring elementary school libraries. How cool is that? See more images and read about the Lego creation here.

Any other Stone Arch characters popping up in the world? Let us know!

More soon!

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Dave & John Xandegar said...

Hey Beth!
We have a couple of interesting stories about this colorful fellow already. He has the mysterious effect of making Tiger Moth books disappear! At his first Elementary School, they put him on the table and surrounded him with the books. By the second day, they were all checked out. Right now, he's at a Lego Exhibit at a Public Library in the SW Suburbs. We placed six or seven of the books around him, and by mid afternoon, there were only two left! The Kids love the sculpture, and they LOVE Aaron's books.
At our local Public Library, we displayed one of our largest and most popular pieces (a 37.5" tall Buzz Aldrin statue), and talked about letting them display Tiger after the show this weekend. They didn't have any of the books, so they sort of said "huh?". Well, we're not sure if the popularity of the School's display (and subsequent conversations between the two Staff groups), or just our praise of the books did it, but they now have two titles in stock (with plans to bring more if the Kids respond well)! Maybe the Kids couldn't get them at School and starting asking at the Public Library. we got a real kick out of it, whatever the case may be. The Astronaut sculpture was so popular that they added a few Lego instructional books to their inventory.
John and I really are very gratified that we can use our Art to promote reading in the Young. Kids love to read, and we as Parents (and in my case, Grandparents) need to nurture that as much as possible.
Dave and John Xandegar