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Monday, May 23, 2011

What makes you a crabby pants?

On Friday, I enjoyed sharing my book, Crabby Pants, with my daughter's first grade class. As a thank-you gift, the entire class wrote their own tales about what makes them crabby! Here is a sampling . . .

When my mom is crabby it makes me crabby. — Victoria

When I wont to go play with my frends when it is such a beautiful day out side, my Dad says I have to cleen up my room first. That macks me a Crabby Pants. — Gabe

I get crady when my big brother sneks my toys . . . and I get riley mad and get on my crady pants. — Caroline

When I can't go out side and ride my bike when it's a wonderfl day out I get crabby. I turn into Mr. Crabby Pants. — Legend

I played sccor at my house. My sister broke the roolls. I got crabby !!! — Sasha

Once I wanted to go in Maggi's room to tell her something. BUT SHE DIDN'T LET ME IN!. . . And that makes me a crabby pants. — Teddy

David got crabby because David's mom did not want him to play football. That's why it's time to get Crabby Again!!!!!!!! — David

I get crabby when my mom and dad make me eat my vegitbles, like carites, peas, and brocly. — Sky

One day after brekfist my little brother was raghawsing with me. . . That made me Crabby! — Ani

One day Ben was sleeping. But his mom and dad work him up. Then he gets crabby pants!!! — Ben

So what makes you crabby? Other crabby people? Not getting to enjoy beautiful weather? Having to eat healthy food? Or all of the above? Tell us in the comments.

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