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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June is Great Outdoors Month

Happy Great Outdoors Month! Here at Capstone Fiction, we have a fair amount of camping fans. I am not included in this lot. It isn't really my fault. I blame a naughty raccoon.

The last time I went camping was the first time my husband and I took our two young children with us — four years ago. I quickly found out that camping with kids isn't quite the same as two capable adults on their own. The mark of a great campsite changes from how wooded and private it feels to how close it is to the bathroom. Feeding a family is harder over an open fire. And kids don't quite sleep as well in a tent as their own beds.

Those things I could deal with. But one thing I could not deal with is a raccoon breaking into our tent. Yep, I was face to face with a young woodland friend right in our tent. The critter was quite content until my husband started lecturing it. Then it popped out as quickly as it had popped in. So can you blame me for abandoning camping as a great family getaway?

Here is where that naughty raccoon got in. Side note: We borrowed this tent. Sigh.

So how will I honor Great Outdoors Month this year? I might go on a few hikes, maybe hit the lake on a hot day. And my favorite . . . sit out on my safe patio and read great books about other people enjoying the outdoors.

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