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Friday, June 5, 2009

Poetry Friday: If I stepped out of my body I would break / into blossom.

Poetry Friday explanation.

The weather in Minnesota of late (though I complained about it not being summery enough a few days ago) has been utterly perfect. Warm and sunny, and while I know my friends with allergies would not agree, there is something really gorgeous about all the pollen and bits of fluff floating in the air. In the afternoon, driving home, I often think of this poem by James Wright.

A Blessing

Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota,
Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.
And the eyes of those two Indian ponies
Darken with kindness.

Read the full poem here.

Poetry Friday is hosted at Read Write Believe today.

More soon!

1 comment:

Sara said...

You're right---it's perfect for a late spring day. Always beautiful, and it lifts my spirits here in rainy Virginia.