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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creative Memories

I am currently reading this fascinating book called, How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer. The title is somewhat misleading because the book is not loaded with tips and tricks on how to become a design wonder, but instead, it is a collection of interviews with some of the best designers in the industry. The first question asked of each designer is, what was your first creative memory, which got me thinking about my own life and what some of my first creative experiences were.

My mom always had a card table set up in our basement that my dad had somehow shortened so it was my height, where an assortment of crayons, paper, watercolors, etc, were out and available for me to use. So much of my young life was spent around that table either by myself or with my friends. We made paper dolls, valentines, (which were a HUGE deal, we would start making them the day after Christmas!) and I also remember giving my friend a hair cut at that table. I think the scissors were removed for a while after that incident!

Anyway, it's interesting to think that such a simple thing like a table with some markers on it could have such an impact on my life and create such fond memories. I love these types of stories so now I would like to know, what are some of your first creative memories? We would love to hear about them!


Craig Phillips said...

I started drawing at a very young age. My very first memory was maybe year 4 at school. I remember finding a book of classic greek mythology. I copied every picture out of that book with coloured pencil. Then few years later I discovered Tin Tin and Asterix and comics, and started making my own little books. Ever since I've been hooked on all things fantastic and adventure. And now I get to make books as an adult. Hurray!
Some things never change.

Emily Harris, Graphic Designer said...

That's great, Craig! Thanks for sharing your memory with us!

PS-I am a HUGE Tin Tin fan, are you looking forward to the movie?