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Monday, July 25, 2011

This book is dedicated to . . .

This is my mom. She is a woman of many talents, like all good mothers are. But I will always associate my mom with her skilled sewing. She made me many dresses growing up. When MC Hammer and his pants were in fashion, she sewed me Hammer pants far wider — and therefore more superior — than any you could find in a store. She sewed fourteen sundresses for the flower girls at my wedding. And she sewed my daughter's baptismal gown.

My latest picture book, Ruth's Pink Pajamas, features a young raccoon who wants to wear her pajamas all the time — even when it is not appropriate. But to me, the story is as much about Ruth's mother as it is about Ruth. Like my mom, Mama Raccoon is savvy with her stitching. And in the end, she is the hero of our book.

Obviously, I see a lot of my mom in that mother raccoon. So when it came time to dedicate the book, the choice was clear. My dedication reads: To my mom, Marjorie, for more reasons than I could list. But maybe I should have added a line: To my mom, Marjorie, for more reasons than I could list . . . but especially for my Hammer pants.

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