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Monday, July 11, 2011

More Katie Adventures!

As the editor of Fran Manushkin's Katie Woo series, I am always excited to see what sort of adventures Katie will have next. Fran delights her readers with Katie's stories, and these latest four books are no exception. Here's a peek:

Katie Woo, Where Are You? The Woos are shopping at the mall. Mom is looking for a dress. Dad is looking at lawn mowers. And Katie is looking for a lost boy. But if she's not careful, Katie might get lost too!

Katie and the Class Pet: Katie loves taking care of Binky, her class's guinea pig. But the fun ends when poor Binky gets lost. How will she ever tell her class the bad news?

Katie Woo Has the Flu: Poor Katie. She is under the weather. Her tummy feels weird, she can't go to school, and she's stuck eating boring toast and soup. Being sick is the worst!

Katie's New Shoes: Katie's shoes are getting too small, making her toes hurt. It's time to go shoe shopping. There are lots of fun shoes out there, but only shoes with pizzazz will do!

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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Oh my! These books look wonderful!