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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When good books become mediocre movies

When I picked my son, Noah, up from his after-school program last Friday, he was in an uproar. After finishing Roald Dahl's James in the Giant Peach, his class got to watch the movie version. Noah, who loved the book, was extremely upset that some of his favorite characters were missing. "Why would they do that?" he asked. "Why is the movie never as good as the book?" Welcome to one of the biggest wonders of readers everywhere, young Noah.

Usually I like to watch the movie, before I read the book. That way I can save the best (the book) for last. For example, I loved the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. And while I still feel it is a fine film, now that I'm reading the book, nothing can compare to the picture in my mind.

This spring, one of my favorite books comes to the big screen: Water for Elephants. I am thrilled with the casting. Reece Witherspoon and Robert Patterson are the perfect Marlena and Jacob. So I am keeping a positive outlook, and if I'm disappointed? Well, there is nothing stopping me from rereading the book.

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