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Monday, March 21, 2011

When is a library a destination?

The youth section of Cape Girardeau's public library.

Last week, I vacationed down to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to visit family. My to-do list while there was quite short: exercise, relax, eat, and . . . visit the public library. I had read up about the city a bit and had discovered that the new library, opened in 2009, was considered a destination library. Well, that was certainly right up my alley. After all, a normal, plain-jane library is my ideal destination, so I couldn't wait to see what this one had to offer.

Cape's library is home to gathering places, an impressive collection, and loads of audio and digital resources. I had a blast strolling through the beautiful building, spotting Capstone books and visiting with the media specialists there.

This destination library serves everyone in the community! Babies have their own special place to roam.

From babies to teens...a fun area to hang out and read that latest Sarah Dessen novel.

Look! It's our good friend, Max!

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